How I organize our user manuals

I may have just lost some of you with the title or you may think I've finally gone over the organizational edge :) However, this is a great way to save space and time and was something I have been wanting to do for a while now. We find ourselves frequently needing to pull out one of our user manuals to figure out how to use something. Once baby came, we accumulated A LOT more manuals. These are important to keep because they can contain product numbers in case there is a safety issue or recall. Previously I would just throw them into this plastic container.  I recommend using erasable dividers, that way you don't end up needing to buy new ones if something changes. The tabs I use are: 1. Baby 2. Electronics 3. Kitchen 4. General Home (carbon monoxide detectors, etc) 5. Outdoor/Lawn
Heavy weight sheet protectors. They load from the top. The heavy weight ones won't tear.  Make sure you get a heavy duty binder, you'll definitely want it to hold up.  Organizational bliss…

How I organize our paper files

I just spent a few minutes reading through some of my old blogs. The really old ones are funny and I realize how young I was when I started writing this! I'm sure five years from now I'll look back and think how young I am now. I enjoy writing. Lately, with the baby I have had a ton of other things going on and haven't made writing a priority. I am working on several projects around here. Painting a doll house. Creating a photo wall. Scrapbooking (as always). I also have a hand written journal for our daughter that I write in every time she does something new and journaling about her life in general. So, life is good but I just haven't been blogging.
Adam started a new job with Edward Jones two weeks ago. He is going to be a Financial Advisor with them and is really excited about this opportunity. Tonight we had dinner with the regional guys and some of their wives and I honestly think this is something he's going to be great at and really succeed. I'm very pro…

Baby books and the like

I'm still working on the eating healthy thing. I've found one of my favorite snacks is Triscuits (the original, they have only 3 ingredients and no junk!) and hummus. But every time I go to the Teeter they are out of the sun dried tomato so I end up with garlic... and in turn end up with garlic breath. Oh the lengths we go to be healthy ;)
Today I'm buckling down on Alley's baby book. I make a Shutterfly book for each year since Adam and I have been married and so far I LOVE the way they turn out. I started the old fashioned scrapbooking when I was in college. My Mom had made ours up through high school and I continued it through about 2005. So when Adam and I got married I started the digital books. I've done one so far for 2010 and 2011. I am working on 2012 so I can get caught up :) But, for the baby I want to do an old fashioned baby book with all the photos for at least the first couple of months or the first year. I also want to do one of the "fill out&q…

What do healthy people eat?

I know it's been a while. A long while since I've been in the blogosphere. I honestly haven't known what to write about. I could write about our finances or our job searches but those are so boring. Adam has continued to look for ministry jobs with no luck. We have gotten to several interviews but they didn't pan out. He's looking into some other non-ministry jobs in Charlotte, so we'll see.
Being a Mom is amazing and hard. :) I love it. I love her. What a gift from God! It definitely changes your life completely, hence, why I haven't blogged in a while. When I do have free time I tend to clean or balance our checkbook or do laundry or play on facebook. I didn't want to blog during my postpartum mess or during colic, for fear people would think I was crazy. And I've been posting photos on facebook and so many people are on there anyway.
So that brings me to what I want to write about...the thing I've noticed that mother hood has changed the mos…

Photo Book

Click here to view this photo book largerPhoto Book Tip: Create an adventurous travel photo album at

Master Bath and Makeup

This was one of the first rooms we organized. We are still in the process of the Master closet and bedroom. I didn't take before pics of all the drawers, or after of all the drawers, just the ones I think become the most messy places. Here's what it looked like before:
This is the top drawer after I organized it. I got these bamboo containers at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I will get more of these eventually, but for now I use them for makeup, hair bows, nail clippers, and Adam's cologne samples. Basically all the little items.
This is under the sink on my side. The white basket holds extra toiletries like mouthwash and body wash.  The white 3 drawer holds floss, travel size shampoos and conditioners and small lotions.  The round box holds all of Alley's baby stuff for bath-time.  The few bottles in front are the ones I use the most frequent.  The blue container holds nail supplies.  I recommend Target for rubbermaid storage and drawers. Believe it or not, they are almost a…

Organizing my home! Intro

My house has gotten out of control. Granted, I had a baby and things got a little crazy :) Adam and I know we are going to have to move sometime in the near future because the people who own this house are going to try to sell it. We have decided after moving so many times that we don't want to have to move anything we don't need anymore.
Yesterday, we started on the master closet. I didn't take a before picture but will post an "after" picture shortly. Join me as I take on this task of organizing my entire home and ridding it of the unnecessary items!